Sunday, December 23, 2012


If you want to test Android apps before installing them on your device or just want to use the same apps on your computer or just want to use the same apps on both your Android device and your computer, here is the solution for all the above. check out the free BlueStacks App Player. Finally! Now You Can Get Thousands of the Best Andriod Apps on PC.

BlueStacks runs Android apps in full screen on Windows 7 and comes preloaded with 10 apps, including news reader Pulse and several games like Bubble Buster. You can install up to 26 more apps, but will have to connect to the BlueStacks App Channels with Facebook.

The App Player also syncs apps between your PC and your phone or tablet if you install the BlueStacks Cloud Connect App from the Market onto your Android device. This could be useful when you want a (sort of) seamless experience going from your Android device to your computer and back.

A version for Mac is in also available.


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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Fluent English–Prepare TOFEL, GMAT & GRE from your mobile

Practice understanding native English speakers with FluentEnglish.  Here is the solution for Fluent English, all you need is an android mobile and the application fluentenglish.

Screen Shots

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unnamed3  unneamed

FluentEnglish will help you practice understanding native English speakers and increase your vocabulary. It works like an audio book reader and also provides translation for words that you don't understand. For better learning, it also provides pronunciations of each word in several different voices.

To learn English with Fluentizer efficiently and to be able to use the dictionaries, your native language needs to be one of the following: Arabic, Armenian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, French, German, Hindi, Croatian, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, or Vietnamese.
Note that some of the dictionaries and books are very large, so make sure you are on WiFi before downloading them.

Fluentizer will teach you verbal (listening) comprehension better than Instant Immersion, Fluenz, Rosetta Stone, Berlitz, Karaoke4English, uTalk or CueBrain. It is an ideal tool for ESL students or people preparing for TOEFL, GMAT or GRE.

Click here to download
FLUENT ENGLISH app on your mobile.


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Sunday, December 9, 2012

How To Read Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Marati etc., Regional Languages In Your Mobile Using Operamini

Operamini is one of the best mobile browser apart from the default phone browser. But most of the people phase problems while opening any regional websites which contains regional fonts like teligu, hindi, marati, tamil etc.. Even you may get problem while you are surfing Facebook, any regional news papers on your mobile.
You may also interested in my previous article HOW TO FIND THE MOBILE NUMBER OF ANY SIM CARD.
You can see the screen shots below in operamini after using this settings.

In facebook – screenshot……

For those who are phasing problem here is the solution.What ever may be the phone brand(like nokia, samsung etc), what ever may be the OS(like symbian, windows, android etc), you will read easily regional languages on your mobile. For this you need to install OPERAMINI mobile browser on your mobile, and fallow the below procedure, that’s it.
You can see the screen shots below in operamini before using this settings.(you may see mixing of fonts or squares instead of fonts)

  • Type about:config in addressbar and press OK button for open 'Power-user settings'
  • Now go bottom of the page before save button. 
  • Use bitmap fonts for complex scripts setting and select Yes 
  • By Enabled this, text written with complex scripts, Like HINDI, BANGLA, MARATHI, TAMIL, Urdu etc, will be rendered on the server.
  • finally click on Save Button.
  • Now for test open This link, and select your local language on this site in the top of the page and enjoy the reading your regional language websites on your mobile.
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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Top 10 Security Apps for your iPhone

This is an important issue to look out for your mobile’s security. You know that there are lots of new gadgets made and new inventions are going in the field of technology. The mobile market is developing every day with new mobiles and Smartphones. For this Smartphones there is a big issue of security and there is a possibility that the phone can be hacked and you will lose your valuable data. So you need to secure your device from the different malware attacks. For this type of issues there are lots of security apps which secure your device. It will lock all your files and folders with a password and does not allow the threats to come and attack your data.


Here are some of the security apps which can protect your data, files and your device from the dangerous malware attacks.

  1. Firewall IP: This application is the finest for the security of your mobile. It allows your device to block the UDP & TCP connections. It sets the different host name for your device connections. It also blocks the unwanted content and redesigns the popup. It can track the IP of unwanted network which stabs a connection with your iPhone.
  2. Cisco SIO To-Go: It is the global network and security manager which takes the responsibility of your mobile for external threats. This app is specially invented by CISCO to manage the security issues in iPhone. It protects your device and secures your files with new security signatures and different codes.
  3. Folder Lock: This application is the finest and also the user-friendly for your device. It will protect your files and folders by aligning the PIN or Passwords to the files and folders. It is a best for the files that contain the important data and blocks the encrypted and corrupt files which harm your device.
  4. Mobile Active Defence: This application is also the suited app for iPhone which protects the data before it lost from your device. It is meant to be the enterprise for the dangerous security issues. If your device is attacked by a virus then it locks all the files and folders which contain data.
  5. 1 Password: The name itself states that it gives the passwords to all the desired files and protects your files. It also stores the passwords in a secret folder. It will secure all your important information and synchronises your device with the help of Wi-Fi. It has two layer defence of unlock codes and provides master password for security.
  6. iCam Viewer: This is a must application and it can have free for your essential files and data. You can say that it is a free video scrutiny mobile app which acts like a CCTV camera for your device. You can protect your device and can take pictures of surveillance then can save to your libraries.
  7. Splash ID: This is the application which provides your files and folders with the passwords. It protects all your data and delivers the full security for your device from external threats. You can say this app acts like a password manager which works with the tools and it is compatible with Mac and PC’s.
  8. Spam Arrest: This application blocks the malware which is attacking your device and destroys all the threats. It provides the protection to your inbox as you receive the spam mails or multimedia messages. It arrests the virus and deletes it before it enters the junction. It provides full security for your device.
  9. Snap: This is the finest app which allows you to set the passwords for the file manager as you have all the data stored in it. It protects all your important data and keeps the password in a secret folder and display when you forget or demand the password. It guides you to allow the files which you received from other sources.
  10. iDiscrete: This is a special application which forms all the security platelets to block the malware from attacking your device. It sets the passwords for your files and folders and keeps them isolated from the external attacks. It secures the file manager where you find all your photos and videos.

The above apps are the finest apps which provide the total security for your iPhone and blocks all the external threats and malware from attacking your iPhone. If you are running through financial crises and need instant cash, opt for same day cash loans . This loan can be repaid when you receive your next pay cheque.

About the Author: The guest post was contributed by Diana, Passionate guest blogger from Manchester, UK. Find out more about her blogs @financeport

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Monday, August 20, 2012


There are many and many websites and applications which are providing free calling but the major drawback is they allow only certain minutes and only can be accessed through computer or Laptop. So you always need a MIC to talk. But here is the android app named CROWDCALL, with this you can make free calls from your android mobile or computer or laptop without the use of MIC to talk.

Some of the screen shots are given below.

Features of Crowdcall:
Crowdcall enables you to Easily Conference and Group calls with limit of 10 calls per day.
Upto 10 calls per day with people in US, Canada, India and other 40 Countries.
Super low cost call rate to the rest of world
Instant Calling, NO Signup, NO Dial in Number and NO Pin to rember.
Just press the call button to call and calls are connected instantly
You can call or Conference to Any Number with Crowdcall.
NO-VOIP on your Phone, So it doesn’t Drain your Battery and data Plans
No need for MIC or Headset
You can Select people to call from your Phone’s contact List
Other party do not need to have any app installed and they receive your call right by your own number.  

 Calling For Free with some android application is always been a great Thing. It becomes more useful on the go when we don’t have balance. Crowdcall is also Available for iOS. (apple)
Downlad the crowdcall application from Google play for Android user’s and Apple store for iphone and iPad user’s. here is the link towards your Free Calling App

Now enter your mobile number then enter the number you want to call.
Now you will receive an incoming call on your number, attempt the call and just
press 1 to continue.
Now your friend will also receive an incoming with caller id as your number/name (he/she should also press 1 for conference
call only)
Now your call will be
connected now talk freely.
There is a software for pc or laptop which allows you to run android applications on p called bluestacks. Make free calling from pc using this software (no headphone or mike required)

Now to use this trick just
follow these steps
Firstly download bluestacks from this link.
Install bluestacks on your PC.
open android market from blue stacks and search there com.socialdial.crowdcall and download crowd call.apk to pc. Open it with bluestacks
Now open it with blue stacks and enter your mobile number, then enter the number you want to call
Now you will receive an incoming call on your number just
press 1
Your friend will also receive an incoming call.
your call will be
connected now talk freely.
Remarks reported by users:
One call last for 1 hour, so you get approximately 10 hours daily free calling to 40 countries.
Unable to make more than 3 calls, On the 4th attempt it says you are over the daily limit.
When we make a call, instead of other party phone ring, there is some music is coming.
There is voice gap in the conversation
No clear voice without dropping.
So why are you waiting, lets try this trick and give your valuable comments below.
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Monday, March 19, 2012

Easy Way To Hide Files In Your Nokia S40 Mobiles–No Need Of Any Software

Sorry friends, I've been absent from blog posting for a couple of months. Because I am busy with my job. After a long time, nearly 5 months, I am here with a new post.

Most of the people who are using Nokia S40 mobiles are in trouble when ever they want to hide some files in their phone memory or memory card. Here is the post which will describe easy steps to hide your files.


Even though this is old trick and you might heard of it, but I am sharing this post for those who don’t know about it.

You can hide files in your Nokia S40 mobile phone without any external software's. Want to know more about S40 click here.

Here is the steps you have to fallow:

  • Create a folder named test.jad (you can give any name only the thing is the extension should be .jad)
  • Now move all the files which you want to hide, to this folder.
  • Then create a new folder named test.jar (use the same name used in the first step,but the extension should be .jar, make sure previous one is .jad extension and now this one is .jar extension)
  • Now the folder test.jad will be hidden with all its contents!

Now here is the steps to recover your hidden files:

  • Either rename or delete the folder test.jar
  • Then the folder test.jad will be visible again with all the contents in it.

So why are you waiting, lets try this trick and give your valuable comments below.


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