Monday, March 19, 2012

Easy Way To Hide Files In Your Nokia S40 Mobiles–No Need Of Any Software

Sorry friends, I've been absent from blog posting for a couple of months. Because I am busy with my job. After a long time, nearly 5 months, I am here with a new post.

Most of the people who are using Nokia S40 mobiles are in trouble when ever they want to hide some files in their phone memory or memory card. Here is the post which will describe easy steps to hide your files.


Even though this is old trick and you might heard of it, but I am sharing this post for those who don’t know about it.

You can hide files in your Nokia S40 mobile phone without any external software's. Want to know more about S40 click here.

Here is the steps you have to fallow:

  • Create a folder named test.jad (you can give any name only the thing is the extension should be .jad)
  • Now move all the files which you want to hide, to this folder.
  • Then create a new folder named test.jar (use the same name used in the first step,but the extension should be .jar, make sure previous one is .jad extension and now this one is .jar extension)
  • Now the folder test.jad will be hidden with all its contents!

Now here is the steps to recover your hidden files:

  • Either rename or delete the folder test.jar
  • Then the folder test.jad will be visible again with all the contents in it.

So why are you waiting, lets try this trick and give your valuable comments below.


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