Thursday, March 21, 2019

Best way to Speedup Your Android Mobile–100% Working.

Is your Android phones performing very slow now a days, then you are at right place.
With the below small change in your mobile will speed up performance. After doing below setting you can clearly feel the difference. Lets go to the trick.
For this , you need to Enable DEVELOPER option on your mobile.

Follow below steps for ENABLING DEVELOPER option:-

  1. Go to Settings->System->About Phone->Build Number.
  2. Now Tap the Build Number field 7 times, you can also see message as you approach 7 touches.
  3. Tap the back arrow once complete, and Developer options will now appear under Settings->System->Developer Options.

After enabling developer options, Follow below steps to speed up your mobile:-

  1. Go to Settings->System->Developer Options
  2. Then open Windows Animation Scale, Transition Animation Scale & Animator Animation Scale one by one & change default speed value from 1X to .5X. Please note value is not 5X, its a (.5X).

Here Turn off Windows Animations will improve your device’s performance.
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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

XIAOMI's - REDMI GO Launched In INDIA at 4499 Rs.

Xiaomi launched  Redmi Go in India on 19.03.19. 

The starting price is Rs 4,499.

You can buy the Redmi Go, via Flipkart, Mi Home and on March 22 (Flash Sale).

This is the Xiaomi’s first Android Go phone.

Even though the Redmi Go is so cheap phone it can do everything that a costlier phone can. 

Redmi Go specifications

Display: 5-inch HD display with screen resolution of 720p.
Processor: Qualcomm's Snapdragon 425 chipset.
Storage: 8GB of internal storage & can be expanded up to 128GB via microSD card.
Rear camera: A single camera - 8MP with LED flash.
Front camera:  5MP .
Battery: 3000mAh 
Software:  Android Go - The software is based on Android Oreo.

If you are looking for a low budget phone, REDMI GO is for you.....

Saturday, April 7, 2018

How To Convert Any Web Page Into PDF ??

Here is easy way to convert your entire website into a single PDF. You just enter the URL and click on Convert. Entire pages of the website will convert  into a single PDF.
Please Use Any One Of Below Links To Convert Your Web Pages to PDF’s:-


         Step 1:- Enter URL, for which you want to save

         Step 2:- Click On Save as PDF


         Step 1:- Enter URL, for which you want to save

         Step 2:- Click On Convert to PDF

Not Only Cabs, Now Book Mini Trucks from Your Mobile Itself !! - LYNC APP

Ever wanted to move goods from one part of the city to another or looked for a truck to relocate intra-city?

Then, you may know just how challenging it is to find one mini truck as per your convenience and at the right time & right price, price.

Book a mini-truck in minutes, anywhere, anytime with the app called Lynk. This app lets one book a truck, much easy like one book a cab from mobile. Also you can track it on your screen right through delivery.

This app offers Ape , Tata Ace, Dost / Mahindra Pickup that can carry up to 1.25 tons (available in open and closed body types)

You can book trucks in Chennai, Hyderabad & Mumbai from the best in the market!

How to book Mini Truck?

• Just download Lynk app from here & set up your profile
• Choose the truck that suits your needs.
• Go cashless with Lynk Money wallet or pay cash at end of the trip
• Invoice will be mailed to you on completion of the trip

Note: Currently servicing orders in Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai from 7 AM - 11 PM on all days of the week.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

How To Control Over Night Charging Of Your Mobile Battery?

Have you leave your mobile plugged into the charger overnight?

Smartphone plugged in overnight can slowly reduce the lifespan of your battery.

If you have a case on your device,then it will not allow heat to escape, this heat will increase the temperature of the battery and will cause cell oxidation. With this battery will shrink and  lifespan of battery will reduce.

To avoid this, make sure you take your phone case off at night if you’re going to leave your phone plugged in and charging.

Here we have very Good App, called Full Battery & Theft Alarm, which will protect your phone battery from overcharging. This app also included Anti Theft.

This app notifies & gives you alarm  when your battery is fully charged.

Click Here to download the Full Battery & Theft Alarm App from Google Play Store.

Main Feature - Charger alarm!!! 

Alerts you with audio and vibration when your phone is fully charged.
Great for when you want a quick charge without checking your phone every minute.
Also great if you don't like leaving your phone plugged in after it's charged.

Other Features: 

- Charge history
- Charge time.
- Remaining time to 100%
- Sound and vibration alarm when charger is unplugged. (Anti theft alarm)
- Password security for theft alarm.
- Easy to use user interface
- Status message about application
- Choose custom alarm. You can also choose silent.
- Alarm volume control.
- Vibration option.
- Full battery alarm.
- Start automatically option.
- Enable automatically option.
- Notification bar option.
- Different thief alarm sound option.
- When alert full battery alarm, you can unplug your cable to stop alarm.
- "Do not stop alarm until unplug cable" option.
- Turn off theft alarm if all you need is battery full alarm.
- Extra time feature after fully charged.
- Start auto after reboot.
- Theme option.

Please keep in mind below things,

  1. If you use any task killer app, please add this app to ignore list or white list. Otherwise, application will not work properly.
  2. FOR ONEPLUS MOBILE ABOVE 7.0 USERS: Please go to battery optimizations settings on android settings and uncheck battery optimization for this app to use auto start features.
  3. FOR XIAOMI USERS: In the security settings given by Xiaomi default, please include the app for auto start and also include permissions to use auto start features.