Saturday, April 7, 2018

Not Only Cabs, Now Book Mini Trucks from Your Mobile Itself !! - LYNC APP

Ever wanted to move goods from one part of the city to another or looked for a truck to relocate intra-city?

Then, you may know just how challenging it is to find one mini truck as per your convenience and at the right time & right price, price.

Book a mini-truck in minutes, anywhere, anytime with the app called Lynk. This app lets one book a truck, much easy like one book a cab from mobile. Also you can track it on your screen right through delivery.

This app offers Ape , Tata Ace, Dost / Mahindra Pickup that can carry up to 1.25 tons (available in open and closed body types)

You can book trucks in Chennai, Hyderabad & Mumbai from the best in the market!

How to book Mini Truck?

• Just download Lynk app from here & set up your profile
• Choose the truck that suits your needs.
• Go cashless with Lynk Money wallet or pay cash at end of the trip
• Invoice will be mailed to you on completion of the trip

Note: Currently servicing orders in Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai from 7 AM - 11 PM on all days of the week.

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