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Top 10 Security Apps for your iPhone

This is an important issue to look out for your mobile’s security. You know that there are lots of new gadgets made and new inventions are going in the field of technology. The mobile market is developing every day with new mobiles and Smartphones. For this Smartphones there is a big issue of security and there is a possibility that the phone can be hacked and you will lose your valuable data. So you need to secure your device from the different malware attacks. For this type of issues there are lots of security apps which secure your device. It will lock all your files and folders with a password and does not allow the threats to come and attack your data.


Here are some of the security apps which can protect your data, files and your device from the dangerous malware attacks.

  1. Firewall IP: This application is the finest for the security of your mobile. It allows your device to block the UDP & TCP connections. It sets the different host name for your device connections. It also blocks the unwanted content and redesigns the popup. It can track the IP of unwanted network which stabs a connection with your iPhone.
  2. Cisco SIO To-Go: It is the global network and security manager which takes the responsibility of your mobile for external threats. This app is specially invented by CISCO to manage the security issues in iPhone. It protects your device and secures your files with new security signatures and different codes.
  3. Folder Lock: This application is the finest and also the user-friendly for your device. It will protect your files and folders by aligning the PIN or Passwords to the files and folders. It is a best for the files that contain the important data and blocks the encrypted and corrupt files which harm your device.
  4. Mobile Active Defence: This application is also the suited app for iPhone which protects the data before it lost from your device. It is meant to be the enterprise for the dangerous security issues. If your device is attacked by a virus then it locks all the files and folders which contain data.
  5. 1 Password: The name itself states that it gives the passwords to all the desired files and protects your files. It also stores the passwords in a secret folder. It will secure all your important information and synchronises your device with the help of Wi-Fi. It has two layer defence of unlock codes and provides master password for security.
  6. iCam Viewer: This is a must application and it can have free for your essential files and data. You can say that it is a free video scrutiny mobile app which acts like a CCTV camera for your device. You can protect your device and can take pictures of surveillance then can save to your libraries.
  7. Splash ID: This is the application which provides your files and folders with the passwords. It protects all your data and delivers the full security for your device from external threats. You can say this app acts like a password manager which works with the tools and it is compatible with Mac and PC’s.
  8. Spam Arrest: This application blocks the malware which is attacking your device and destroys all the threats. It provides the protection to your inbox as you receive the spam mails or multimedia messages. It arrests the virus and deletes it before it enters the junction. It provides full security for your device.
  9. Snap: This is the finest app which allows you to set the passwords for the file manager as you have all the data stored in it. It protects all your important data and keeps the password in a secret folder and display when you forget or demand the password. It guides you to allow the files which you received from other sources.
  10. iDiscrete: This is a special application which forms all the security platelets to block the malware from attacking your device. It sets the passwords for your files and folders and keeps them isolated from the external attacks. It secures the file manager where you find all your photos and videos.

The above apps are the finest apps which provide the total security for your iPhone and blocks all the external threats and malware from attacking your iPhone. If you are running through financial crises and need instant cash, opt for same day cash loans . This loan can be repaid when you receive your next pay cheque.

About the Author: The guest post was contributed by Diana, Passionate guest blogger from Manchester, UK. Find out more about her blogs @financeport

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