Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Block A Specific Website Without Any Software

Trick To Block Any Website Without Any Software

1.Find your computer's HOSTS file. For windows users, that's C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc Here you can get HOSTS file.

2.If the file is missing simply create a new one by going to File >> New >> Text File (Text Document). Name it "HOSTS" without the .txt.

3.Open the HOSTS file using Notepad. For this, Right-click the host file, select Open >> Notepad and click OK.

4.Add new entries to block websites you want, at the bottom of the file. For example, if you wish to block facebook.com, add this to the bottom(end) of the hosts file like below (after press TAB, dont press Spaces)

Here are some examples:<Press Tab><Enter first website you want to block i.e. www.facebook.com ><Press Tab><Enter second website you want to block >

5.Save the file. Thats it. These sites will no longer be accessible

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