Wednesday, October 26, 2011

How To Test Your Samsung Mobile Hardware?

In my previous post you have seen  Samsung Mobile Secret Codes. In this post I will discuss How To Test Your Samsung Mobile Hardware?
If you want to test your phone to make sure every sensor, every color, every device in it is working correctly, then you are at right place…It’s easy. This will work for Samsung Infuse, Galaxy mobiles and more also for all Samsung Android based mobiles.
Samsung Galaxy S2-1
Fallow the steps below:
Step 1) Press your phone icon like you’re about to make a call.
Step 2) On the keypad press *#0*#
Now you should see a white screen that says LCD Test. The coolest test is the sensor test. Have fun!!

Here Is The Video Tutorial For Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100 Or Android Based Mobiles - Secret Phone Code For LCD Test

If you know any other tricks please post a comment to let others know.
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  1. I have read your last post Samsung mobile secret codes. It's very helpful for us. I have just read about how to test Samsung mobile hardware. This is also useful posting.

  2. The selective test is better #8909055**#