Thursday, July 24, 2014

You Cant Send Videos Through Bluetooth With Your Windows /Lumia Phone, See This Trick To Send Them Through Bluetooth

One of the main drop back of windows phone or lumia is, you cant send or cant share your video clips through bluetooth. Here in this post I will tell you how to send your videos through bluetooth.This is the only way you can actually "send" video from a windows phone.


Follow  the below steps:-

1. Connect the phone via USB to PC.
2. In Phone memory or SD Card, create a folder inside "Saved Pictures" name it as "Videos".
3. Paste your videos inside this videos folder.
4. Disconnect the device from the PC.
5. Switch on your Bluetooth.
6. Go to that folder which you created, tap and hold the video you want to share, Choose share>Bluetooth.

Videos saved in "Saved Pictures" folder like this can also be password protected (using any free file locking apps  on the App-store).

Note:- “Saved Pictures" might be located inside a folder named "Picture" or "Photos".

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