Saturday, March 1, 2014

How To Turnoff Lumia/Windows Phone Key Vibration?

Most of windows phone users try to disable the vibration feedback when pressing back, the windows key, or the search button. The phone vibrates each time the back key (<-) is pressed. If there is any way to turn this off, i believe this could save a lot of battery.

I want to turn off vibration for the capacitive keys(back,windows & search keys) in my Lumia or any Windows phone.  How do I do that?

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This latest release (version for the Touch system app on Lumia Windows Phones enables a new setting for consumers to toggle, which affects the vibration feedback caused by hitting the capacitive buttons. You're now able to simply turn the vibration on and off.

This setting affects all three buttons – Back, Windows and Search.

How to Get this?

You can check for updates on your Lumia Windows Phone or hit this link to manually download the latest TOUCH realese .

After installing, go to settings->Touch->Windows phone keys vibrate->Off 

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It's worth noting that a prompt will appear for you to reboot your Windows Phone when changing this setting. 



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