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What Is Your Nokia Mobile Platform?[2]

Do you know what is your Nokia mobile platform? Here in this post you will see the total information about Nokia mobile platforms. In Nokia there are 5 major platforms - Series 30, Series 40, Series 60, Series 80, Series 90. Your mobile will come under any of these 5 platforms.
Note: Search your model simply by pressing CONTROL(Ctrl) and ”F” on keyboard, then enter your mobile model like 6600, n70 etc. and press Enter. Don’t forget to give space between “Nokia” and “your model number” while searching.
Can’t find your Nokia model, Click here to see list of S30, S40 mobile phones.
Series 60

The S60 phones are smartphones .The difference between s40 and s60 nokia phone is that the s60 phones can multitask . ( you can open two applications simultaneously without closing one.) Where as it is not possible in s40 phones.
The S60 Platform (formerly Series 60 User Interface) is a software platform for mobile phones that runs on Symbian OS. It was created by Nokia, who made the platform open source and contributed it to the Symbian Foundation. S60 has been used by mobile device manufacturers including Siemens mobile, Lenovo, LG Electronics, Panasonic and Samsung.
There have been four major releases of S60: "Series 60" (2001), "Series 60 Second Edition" (2003), "S60 3rd Edition" (2005) and "S60 5th Edition" (2008).
S60 1st Edition
In Series 60 1st Edition, the devices' display resolution was fixed to 176×208.
S60 1st Edition
  • Nokia 7650
S60 1st Edition Feature Pack 1
  • Nokia 3600
  • Nokia 3620
  • Nokia 3650
  • Nokia 3660
  • Nokia N-Gage
  • Nokia N-Gage QD
  • Sendo X
  • Sendo X2
  • Siemens SX1
S60 2nd Edition
Since 2nd Edition Feature Pack 3, Series 60 supports multiple resolutions, i.e. Basic (176×208), and Double (352×416). Nokia N90 was the first S60 device to support a higher resolution (352×416). Some devices, however, have non-standard resolutions, like the Siemens SX1, with 176×220. Nokia 5500 Sport has a 208×208 screen resolution, and the Nokia E90 with its wide 800×352 inner display.
S60 2nd Edition
· Nokia 6600
· Panasonic X700
· Panasonic X800
· Samsung SGH-D720
· Samsung SGH-D728
· Samsung SGH-D730
· Samsung SGH-Z600
S60 2nd Edition Feature Pack 1
· Nokia 3230
· Nokia 6260
· Nokia 6620
· Nokia 6670
· Nokia 7610
S60 2nd Edition Feature Pack 2
· Lenovo P930
· Nokia 6630
· Nokia 6680
· Nokia 6681
· Nokia 6682
S60 2nd Edition Feature Pack 3
· Nokia N70
· Nokia N72
· Nokia N90
S60 3rd Edition
(S60v3) uses a hardened version of Symbian OS (v9.1), which has mandatory code signing. In S60v3, a user may install only programs that have a certificate from a registered developer, unless the user disables that feature or modify the phone's firmware through third-party hacks that circumvent the mandatory signing restrictions. This makes software written for S60 1st Edition or 2nd Edition not binary-compatible with S60v3.
In 2006, a "Designed for S60 Devices" logo program for developers was launched. The logotype can be used with conforming programs (Symbian or Java)
S60 3rd Edition
· Nokia 3250
· Nokia 5500 Sport
· Nokia E50
· Nokia E60
· Nokia E61
· Nokia E61i
· Nokia E62
· Nokia E65
· Nokia E70
· Nokia N71
· Nokia N73
· Nokia N75
· Nokia N77
· Nokia N80
· Nokia N91
· Nokia N91 8GB
· Nokia N92
· Nokia N93
· Nokia N93i
· Samsung SGH-i570
S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1
· LG KS10
· LG KT610
· LG KT615
· Nokia 5700 XpressMusic
· Nokia 6110 Navigator
· Nokia 6120 Classic
· Nokia 6121 Classic
· Nokia 6124 classic
· Nokia 6290
· Nokia E51
· Nokia E63
· Nokia E66
· Nokia E71
· Nokia E71x
· Nokia E90 Communicator
· Nokia N76
· Nokia N81
· Nokia N81 8GB
· Nokia N82
· Nokia N95
· Nokia N95 8GB
· Samsung SGH-G810
· Samsung SGH-i400
· Samsung SGH-i408
· Samsung SGH-i450
· Samsung SGH-i458
· Samsung SGH-i520
· Samsung SGH-i550
· Samsung SGH-i550w
· Samsung SGH-i560
· Samsung SGH-i568
S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2
· Nokia 5320 XpressMusic
· Nokia 5630 XpressMusic
· Nokia 5730 XpressMusic
· Nokia 6210 Navigator
· Nokia 6220 Classic
· Nokia 6650 fold
· Nokia 6710 Navigator
· Nokia 6720 Classic
· Nokia 6730 Classic
· Nokia 6760 Slide
· Nokia 6790 Surge
· Nokia C5-00
· Nokia E5-00
· Nokia E52
· Nokia E55
· Nokia E72
· Nokia E73 Mode
· Nokia E75
· Nokia N78
· Nokia N79
· Nokia N85
· Nokia N86 8MP
· Nokia N96
· Nokia X5
· Samsung GT-i8510 (INNOV8)
· Samsung GT-I7110
· Samsung SGH-L870
S60 5th Edition
In October 2008, S60 5th Edition was launched. (Nokia decided to move from 3rd Edition directly to 5th Edition "as a polite gesture to Asian customers" because the number four means bad luck in some Asian cultures). S60 5th Edition runs on Symbian OS version 9.4.The major feature of 5th Edition is support for high-resolution 640×360 touchscreens; before 5th Edition, all S60 devices had a button-based user interface. S60 5th Edition also integrates standard C/C++ APIs and includes Adobe Flash Lite 3.0 with S60-specific ActionScript extensions that give Flash Lite developers access to phone features like contacts, text messaging, sensors and device location information (GPS).
The S60 5th Edition is the last edition of S60. Its assets along with Symbian OS, UIQ and MOAP(S) have been used as a base for Symbian, an open source operating system being developed by the Symbian Foundation. The first edition of Symbian, Symbian^1, uses S60 5th Edition on top of Symbian OS 9.4 as its base.
S60 5th Edition (Corresponds to Symbian^1)
· Nokia 5228
· Nokia 5230
· Nokia 5233
· Nokia 5235
· Nokia 5250
· Nokia 5530 XpressMusic
· Nokia 5800 XpressMusic
· Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition
· Nokia C5-03
· Nokia C6-00
· Nokia N97
· Nokia N97 mini
· Nokia X6
· Samsung i8910 Omnia HD[8]
· Sony Ericsson Satio
· Sony Ericsson Vivaz
· Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro
Symbian^2 [citation needed] [citation needed]
· DoCoMo F-07B
· DoCoMo F-08B
· DoCoMo F-06B
· DoCoMo SH-07B
Symbian^3 5.2 [9] 9.5[10]
· Nokia C6-01
· Nokia C7-00
· Nokia E7-00
· Nokia N8
Symbian Anna 5.2 9.5
· Nokia X7
· Nokia E6
· Nokia 500
· Nokia 702T
· Nokia T7
Symbian Belle 5.2 9.5
· Nokia 600
· Nokia 700
· Nokia 701
Series 80
Nokia 9500, Nokia 9300, Nokia 9210i, Nokia 9290 , Nokia 9210
Series 90
Nokia 7700, Nokia 7710
Can’t find your Nokia model, Click here to see list of S30, S40 mobile phones.
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