Thursday, September 25, 2014

Use Friend's Android To Find Your Lost/Stolen Android Mobile

Google has included some less known functions in Android which might help you get your mobile or tablet back, in case you happen to misplace them or if it gets stolen.This is possible with Android Device Manager. You can lock or erase your device data remotely if it gets stolen. Also, in case you are finding it difficult to locate your phone, you can “ring” your device. Don’t panic! You can lock, erase or even find your Android device by using your friends android mobile.
If you're away from the computer and lose your Android, your first reaction may have been to race home to check the GPS location of your device. With the recent update to the Android Device Manager, you can check the location from a friend's device instead.
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How To Locate Your Lost Or Stolen Android Mobile/Tablet With Gmail?

Here's how to find your device:

Step 1: Open the Android Device Manager app on your friend’s android mobile (or install it if not installed earlier) and tap the username menu at the top. Pick Guest.
Step 2: Enter your Gmail and normal password that you'd use to log in at Gmail.
Step 3: Choose your device and then pick the necessary action like ring, lock, or erase. Ring action will help you locate it. When you're done, tap Sign out at the top.
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That's It !!!  With this easy steps find your device when you're away from the computer, with the help of your friends android mobile.


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