Saturday, September 6, 2014

Now Without Internet Send Your Emails And Find Directions

Mobility solutions provider Vavia Technologies today launched a solution which allows users to get route directions on mobile devices without Internet facility. The latest facility are offered by the platform is 'Find Directions on SMS' and 'Send Email on SMS'. The new service uses Vavia's SMS based search engine – txtBrowser - that allows a user to access any information that is available on the internet over SMS by simply sending his query in natural language.


The service will work similar to GPS without Internet. Users can find Directions on SMS without internet. To find directions user needs to send their query to 55444 in a specified format i.e. direction to over SMS. Eg: directions Saket to Mehrauli. In return this solution sends back an SMS with directions for the user in the following way:

Distance from Saket, New Delhi, India to Mehrauli, New Delhi, India is 4.9 km Duration is 11 minutes and the directions are:

1) Head west on Marg Number 32. Distance - 58 m
2) Turn left toward Gurudwara Rd. distance - 70 m
3) Turn right onto Gurudwara Rd. distance - 1.1 km
4) Turn right onto MehrauliBadarpur RoadDrive along the park 


The company also launched another solution wherein users can send email on SMS. It enables users to send email through SMS in the easiest possible way. To send an Email user needs to send a message on 55444 in this format: email Eg: email

These two features come handy in areas with poor Internet connectivity or no Internet connectivity at all. The product can be used from any phone in plain every day English without having to remember complex combinations of keywords and symbols.

Note: Normal SMS rates will apply for the service.

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