Friday, September 16, 2011

Videocon GPRS & Wap Settings


Videocon Gprs & Wap Settings
These are the common for all mobiles while doing settings.
User name – Leave Blank
Password – Leave Blank
Data Bearer – Pocket data/ GPRS
Prompt password – No
Network Type – IPV4
Authentication – Normal/None
Ip Address –
DNS Address –
Session Type – Continuous/Permanent
Security – Off
Data Compression – Off
Header Compression – Off
* all Of these OR some of these options were there on in your mobile while doing settings.
Manual GPRS & Wap Settings:

Account Name
Videocon Internet Videocon Wap
Access Point Name
Home Page
Proxy Disable Enable
Proxy Address N/A
Proxy Port  N/A 8799
*N/A – Not Applicable
To Receive settings to your phone via sms
To receive setting on your mobile, sms VL to 111.

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