Monday, August 1, 2011

How to get your email alerts on your mobile as sms for free

                    Never Miss an Important Email . Here is an amazing website which offers email alerts on mobile phone via sms for completely free. It delivers sms to your mobile phone within 30 seconds once you receive any new email in your inbox.We use standard mails like the gmail and yahoo mail but they don’t provide direct mobile alerts for every new mail that you get in. You might also argue that hotmail gives mobile alerts for the mail you receive but it is not efficient because many mobile service providers allow only 9-10 text messages from hotmail unless you reply them back which will be charged for you.

The site lists some of the below features.

- Get instant sms for every new mail in your inbox.

- No GPRS & No Internet Connection is needed.

- SMS delivers in maximum of 30 seconds once you receive any new mail in your inbox.

- Works with all the webmail such as Corporate, Business emails, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc.

- Content of the sms includes sender’s name, sender’s email and the subject of the mail.

- Its completely Free.

- One more advantage is, if you deleted any of your important email from your inbox, dont worry just go to your way2sms inbox it will be there.

  I will today put up a trick to get mail alerts using ways2sms. There are two major steps involved in this.


Register at way2sms

  • Goto
  • Register on way2sms with your mobile no.
  • Login with your registered details
  • Click on mail alerts( top right corner)
  • By default mail alert is de-activated, you need to activate that service.
  • Click on “Click here to activate”
  • Now you will forwarded to a preferences page
  • Enter the preferd time when you want to receive the mails from them

Click on continue and activate the service.

This 1st step out of 2


Forward mails to “your id””

· You can get your id( Complete way2sms mail id) by clicking on any one of the two links displayed below

  • That is it , logon to your mail provider gmail or yahoo etc.
  • Click on settings
  • Look for forwarding tab/option
  • Enter your way2sms mail id and forward mails and click on keep one copy( then one copy of your mail will be forwarded to your way2sms and one will be present in your mail inbox)

Note: No sms charges will apply by network provider, for receiving email alerts as sms on your mobile. But Some service providers may ask send confirmation mails to your way2sms mail

Once you are done with all this, you will start receiving mail alerts.

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